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Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Monday 25th January

Bonjour! Mrs. Leverton here today with your tasks and there’s two shorter tasks today. I would like you to have a go at both.

TASK 1 – French

As a warm up, we’re going to start with rehearsing our numbers from 1-10 (a recap from Year 5) with Mr. Rist. Join in with the video below.

Year 5 French numbers 1- 10

Below is a list of how to pronounce the numbers.

Now we are going to put the numbers in to a context and revise how to say how old we are in French. Please work through the powerpoint below – there are sound buttons to click which pronounce the words for you. Join in and practice your pronunciation.

Now have a go at the worksheet – it shouldn’t be too challenging for a Monday as it’s all revision. Remember, you don’t need to print off the sheet – just write your answers down on some paper.

I have added a link to Bitesize which contains lots of information on this topic and puts this part of learning into a full conversation about ourselves if you want to challenge yourselves even further.



It’s PE time! The amazing Miss. Burton wanted to keep in touch with you all through lockdown so she has put together a full dance session for you to join in with. Make sure you’re wearing a PE kit because, having done this session with Annie and Esme, I can assure you you will be getting a good work out. Enjoy!

KS2 Dazzle Dance 20.1.21

Hi everyone! You can now Dazzle Dance at home with Amy! Here there are two dances to copy and one dance to learn. Have fun!

Let us know how you got on with today’s tasks and share any work you have produced using the google form below.

Google form

Fabulous work submitted by OS, EW, OA, AG and EMF. I'm really pleased to hear how much you are enjoying some French.

Tuesday 26th January 



Hello Year 6 scientists! I hope you have enjoyed learning about the heart which is essential as it pumps blood around the body.  The question I would like you to think about now is:


How does blood travel around to all parts of the body?


The answer? In a network of 'tubes' inside our body called blood vessels.  There are 3 types of 'tubes':

1) Arteries

2) Veins

3) Capillaries 



Click on the following powerpoint and make brief notes on these 3 types of blood vessels: 

1) Arteries

2) Veins

3) Capillaries 

Task 2

Use the information from the powerpoint to identify the blood vessels on this sheet.  Use the sentence starter at the bottom to give us some more information about the blood vessel.  

Task 3

Click on the yellow picture below to access a quiz on blood vessels.  How many will you answer correctly?


Fantastic work from DB , KP, AG, EF, FS , OA, HH and EW today!

27.01.21  - Wednesday


Today we will be learning about pointillism in art!  Have you heard of it before? Hint: think about the first part of the word...

Watch the video below up to 2:32.

Here is an example of pointillism.

There are some techniques needed with this type of art.  The video below shows two different kinds.


Please don't worry  if you don't have some equipment at home.  You do not need to do paint.  If you are struggling to find some felt tips (markers), you can always use some coloured pencils and draw little dots with them.  Or for you clever computer whizzy workers, you could perhaps make one with an app. 

Pointillism Techniques

Today's task


Create a piece of artwork in the pointillism style .  You can draw/create whichever you like as long as it's in this style.   For those of you that may need some inspiration, the video below shows how to do a flower with pointillism techniques. 


Have fun and be creative!

Learn to Draw in the Style of Pointillism

On this Arts and Crafts segment of Brain Food Yasmeen teaches us about a really cool style of drawing and painting called pointillism. She shows us how to ge...

Key Stage 2 Week 3

Please complete this quiz after your video has finished!

What impressive artists we have in Year 6!! This is amazing!! You should definitely be proud of this art! Please frame it or hang it up in your house somewhere!

Thursday 28th January

Happy Thursday Year 6, it’s Mrs. Leverton here with you again with your creative curriculum learning.

As you know, we reached the end of our WW2 topic last week so it’s time to start our new topic named ‘Is There Equality For All?’ where we will focus on human rights and also learn about the history of slavery. This topic has a strong link to North America. To begin with, and to put our topic in to context, we will be looking at some of the geography of the countries of North America. Today’s lesson in an introduction to North America before we look at each country in turn.


I wonder what you already know about North America? Spend a few minutes brainstorming what you already know. I’ve given you a basic template to start you off but see what you can add to it.


Now have a watch of the video below which will give you a brief introduction to North America.

North America | Destination World

Experience the continent with the most diverse environments in this episode of "Destination World." North America stretches from the polar Arctic to the trop...

It’s now time for some map work.

I would like you to have a go at labelling a map of North America. Try to label all the countries. As an extra challenge, can you find their capital cities? I have included an outline of North America for those of you that have a printer. If you don’t, have a go at sketching out the main outline. How do we know where they are I hear you ask? I’ve also given you a link to a free online atlas. Use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out.





I have attached a document below which has the names of some of the key landmarks in Northern America – some of these were mentioned in the video. See if you can have a go at matching the name, description and photo. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a printer – I have labelled each one with a number, letter or roman numeral so you can record easily.

For those of you wanting to do even more research, I’ve added a set of challenge questions for you to find the answers to!

Please share any completed work using the google form below. 

Google form – upload

Google quiz

Great work produced on North America today. Well done year 6s and I'm pleased to hear you generally enjoyed this! KP has even taken on the challenge - fabulous research skills KP! Also, love the map sketching from HH.

RB - code to work

Friday 29th January

Mrs. Leverton here again with the last lesson of the week. Today, we will be continuing with our creative curriculum topic. We are now going to spend some of the upcoming lessons focussing on some of the key North American countries. Today we will look at Mexico.

Firstly, watch the video (link below) all about Mexico.

Then, read through the PowerPoint all about Mexico.


MEXICO! - Mini Fantastic Facts

Want more incredible content from Getty Images? Be sure to check out their page here: do you know about Mexico? Learn all a...


Today is just one main task. I would like you to produce an information poster about Mexico. Make sure you include lots of the information you have found out. I have also added a couple of links here to websites that contain even more information.

Make your posters eye catching with a main title, subheadings and sketches of key landmarks, or you might be able to print some photos off and stick them on your poster. I’ve included a template below of the sort of information you might want to include but you might have other topics you would like to include as well.

I can’t wait to see what you have produced! Please use the google form below to upload your work. I’ve also produced a quiz to test you on what you have learned today! When you complete the quiz, you will find out if you are right or wrong straight away as it marks it for you!

Google form – upload

Google quiz


As an added bonus, finish the week of in style by watching this Musical Moments from the Sheffield Music Hub.

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 3 - Dynamics featuring the Woodwind Team

Fabulous work from this afternoon! Your posters are very informative and eye catching. Sorry RB - for some reason the website won't allow me to upload your word document - I'll try again later.

A fantastically cute Yoda completed in pointillism style. Wow, well done RW - I'm so pleased to see the finished work!