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Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Friday, January 29th


Wow! We have got to the end of the week ! You have worked so hard; thank you for sending your work in!

We are now onto the planning stage. 


What you need to do:

1. Look at my storyboard from Wednesday. I have used some of the ideas for my plan!


2. Look at my plan - how is it the same as the original storyboard and how is it different.


3. Look at the word mat I have provided - magpie some of the vocabulary.


4. Complete your own plan, using the template provided or on a piece of A3/A4 paper. For the plan, you are only writing notes.

YOU ARE NOT WRITING IN FULL SENTENCES!!!!!! So, do not include words like the , and a.


Good luck!




Click on link here

Thursday, 28th January


Hello, lovely children! Today, we are going to look at the features of a narrative text ( a story).

Click on the pdf below and slowly work your way through each page.



1.Read the adventure story below.

2. Create a colour coded key.

3. Highlight those features in the text.


Good luck!

Click on link here
Well done OH! You have identified all the features!
What wonderful Walkley children! Super storyboards from HP and YS!

Wednesday, 27th January

Well, Frank certainly had an adventure yesterday.Today, we are going to create our own adventure. Click on the video below to find out what your task is

Y5 Creating a storyboard narrative writing

Click on link here
Some more amazing work . Thank you so much! I love seeing your work!

Tuesday, 27th January

Literacy - narrative writing

Hi everyone, we are moving onto our next unit now, which is narrative writing ( writing a story)

Watch the video below, where you will be introduced to famous Walkley cyclist Frank Tyson.

Y5 Narrative writing

Now that you have been introduced to Frank, click on the link below to find out what happens on his adventures!

Now, I think you'll agree, that was quite an adventure! Fancy having a puncture and forgetting his puncture repair kit. To make matters worse, it started to rain! Then, the bus was cancelled and he had to travel home by taxi.



Create a story for Frank's adventures in pictures and words. You can magpie the ideas for the illustration but it would be great if you could come up with your own. Also, you only need to write one sentence for each part of the storyboard. 

Click on link here
Wow! Some amazing, magnificent biographies from AH,OH,HP and HM! Thank you so much for sending me your work. 

Monday, 25th January

Hi everybody, I hope you had a lovely weekend!

 Thank you for all the brilliant writing you have sent me this week.  I have really enjoyed reading your biographies and I am really very proud of what you have achieved.  We are now on the last step of our 10-step process – the Golden Write.  So, put on some relaxing music if you can, sharpen your pencil and prepare to be amazed at your fantastic writing.


Just remember to look at your corrections in the editing stage and include them in your Golden Writing. Good luck everybody!


Click on link here