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Week beginning 25th January 2021

This lesson is focused on creativity and imagination.  It can involve drawing, making or building.  Please share a picture of your child making or drawing the spaceship. You do not need to buy anything for this lesson.

Y1. Writing Spaceships. Day 1


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Y1 Writing Rockets - Improving sentences

Today we are going to try and make my terrible sentences better.

How can use full stops and capital letters?

Who can use better, more interesting words?


I can't wait to see what you all come up with


Y1 Hold a sentence

Sorry. You should be able to upload videos now (please make them shorter than 20seconds)

Amazing Talk for Writing

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Wonderful Talk for Writing

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27 January 2021

This is probably the most important bit of the week.
Plan plan planny plan.

Get all of your ideas down. What is our rocket like? Where is it going? Where has it been? Who is in it?


Y1 Writing Rockets

Writing time. If you would like me to read out your story please upload it by 4PM and I'll try and make quick video in the evening.  

Happy Writing day everyone!