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Week Beginning 25th January 2021 - Hola Mexico

- Monday - 

First of all, apologies for the video not uploading last Monday - this was fixed Tuesday morning and can still be accessed if you missed it!  Thank you for sharing your work.


Welcome to today's lesson!


L/O: To develop an understanding of the Maya number system

I can remember to:

Use the key to work out the value of each symbol.

Add the symbols together to find the total.

Use the key to write my own numbers.

 Challenge: To solve some calculations using Maya numbers.



Here are some of the words and their meanings that we will use today:

Symbol: an object or picture that represents something else.

System: a group of related things that work together as a whole.

Represent: to be a sign of.

Advanced: beyond the level of others.

Concept: a thought or idea.

Watch the video - you will need a pencil and paper or a white board and pen.  

Want to find out more? Look at this fact file for more information about Ancient Maya mathematics.

Finished your work? Have a go at this quiz!
You can upload a photo of your whizzy work by clicking HERE.

We have some excellent Ancient Maya mathematicians in Aslans class!

- Tuesday - 

Well done on last week's evaluating. What a brilliant use of language! I can see some careers as art critics in your future!

M.C. Escher inspired portraits


L/O: to be able to focus on the details

I can remember to -

  • read about M.C. Escher to learn more about his artworks
  • work step by step to draw a detailed sketch of an eye
  • complete my drawing by adding something that I would like to see


Well done on those fantastic evaluations from last week. I noticed that the 'Hand with Reflecting Sphere' by M.C. Escher was a favourite and so we will be looking at some techniques inspired by the amazing artist M.C. Escher.



Use the website link to read more about Escher and discover how he used mathematics and art to create incredible works of art.

Please then take the Escher quiz to show what you have learned.


This week, we are going to focus on features in detail, using this Escher drawing as our inspiration:



Use the tutorial to help you draw an eye and then illustrate whatever you would like to see in the middle. As you can see, Escher used a skull but perhaps you could be more positive, like in the example:



I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce!

Please send in photos of your finished drawings to the Google form


For this lesson you are asked to use an old CD but if you don't have one then anything round will do. Work step by step through the instructions to create your detailed drawing of an eye and then use coloured pencils to add colour.

How to draw an eye:

- Wednesday -

Time to get your dancing shoes on with Amy!
Hi everyone! You can now Dazzle Dance at home with Amy! Here there are two dances to copy and one dance to learn. Have fun!

Here's your singing lesson from Sheffield Music Hub this week - enjoy!


Please note: during this video there is reference to ‘splitting the class’ as the videos were recorded for the purposes of class teaching. If you're learning from home, you can just choose a part to sing with. There will always be another member of the team singing the other part so you will still get the full benefit of singing in 2 parts - you can pick your favourite! 

If you like to share a photo or a video of you singing or dancing, please clicking HERE.

- Thursday - 

This week, we are learning about FANTASTIC FOSSILS!

LO: To be able to explain how fossils are made.

I can:

- explain the difference between a fossil and a bone

- name the different types of fossils

- order the steps in the fossilisation process

Watch the animation below to understand the process of fossilisation.....

This second animation has a lot of the same information but with a little extra detail....

Task: To create a fascinating fossil fact file! 


Using the information from the video and the animation, have a go at creating your very own fact file! You can use the frame below to help you but feel free to get creative and present this information in whatever way you'd like to! 

Just for fun!

Still image for this video

If you would like to have a go at making your own edible trace fossil cookies, you can get the recipe HERE.


You can upload a photo of your super Science work by clicking HERE - Note: this Google Form also accepts cookies!!

- Friday - 

las partes del cuerpo - parts of the body

Happy Friday Y3s and Y4s!

This week, we are going to learn the vocabulary for different body parts.
First, I would like you to watch and join in with the video below to practise some of this week's new vocabulary.

Y4s, you will recognise this song from last year - see how much of it you can remember! 

Then, have a listen to our second song for today. Can you spot any of the vocabulary from the first song? 

You can use the lyrics below to have a go at singing along!
Finally, have a go at today's reading and writing activities by clicking the link below. You can print these or draw your own pictures to label using our new vocabulary.

Here is the link to this week's “Musical Moments” from Sheffield Music Hub - a fantastic episode by the woodwind ladies about dynamics!