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Week beginning 1st February 2021

Monday 1st February

Y1 Writing A message from European Space Agency

Year 1. We need your help!

Can you spot Kipper?

Watch this video to learn about astronauts and the possible dangers of space.

What Do Astronauts Do?

You may have dreamed of being an astronaut, or maybe that's what you want to be when you grow up! But how do astronauts become astronauts, and what do they d...

Can you talk to your grown ups about space and discuss how astronauts overcome the problems they face?

Tuesday 2nd February

Year 1 Writing Plan for Risk Assessment

List the risks associated with space travel and then find the solutions.

Wednesday - Hold a sentence

When we all write, it is always beneficial to say it out loud. This helps us remember it and check for mistakes. Today we will use 'Talk for writing' to help us 'Hold a sentence'.

Y1 Writing - Hold a sentence

Talk for writing to help us hold a sentence.

Thursday - First draft

Watch the video and use the support words in the boxes on the sheets. Please write some sentences explaining what you will take. Make sure you use the word 'because' to justify your answer.

Remember, "Say it before you write it"

Use your plan you wrote on Tuesday to help you.

You can upload your work below the video.

Y1 Writing First draft of Risk Assessment

Write what you'll take to space and justify your answer with because.

Friday - Re read and Edit

Morning everyone. Today is the most important part of the writing process and something that we are great at in Year 1.

We need to be look at yesterday's writing and do these things:


1) Check you can read it out loud 🎤

2) Does it have a Capital Letter at the start of each sentence 🅰

3) Does each sentence have a full stop at the end of it ⚫ (not that big more like . )

4) Does each word have a finger space next to it ☝

5) If its a tricky word have you copied it correctly ✏

6) If it's an easy word have you used Fred to sound it out 🐸


If you can do all of these things then you are ready to write it up neatly if you want to. The most important thing though is you are proud of your work and have checked it over.


It's the most important part of writing!


Y1 editing a risk assessment

If you would like to do a neat draft here is a lined page with a fancy border - The priority is editing though today