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Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Monday 8th February 2021



LO:  To be able to consider how floods affect people.
I can remember to:

 - read the information and watch the videos.
 - discuss effects of the flooding on the Cumbrian people.
 - sort the nine statements into the diamond by order of importance.
 * explain why you’ve chosen that order.


Today, we are looking at the effects of flooding on human beings in closer detail. We will be performing a case study of the flooding caused by Storm Desmond in early December 2015 and the effects that it had upon the people of Cumbria.


Where is Cumbria? Look at Google Maps to see where in North England the county lies.


There are quite a few videos to watch today. I've created links them in the PPT presentation and have organised them into 'must watch' and 'could watch'.


Once you've watched all of the videos and read through the PPT, then have a go at the Diamond 9 activity. I'd love to see some photos of how you've sorted the statements and a few sentences to explain why you think some statements affected more people than others. 

Well Done on todays Geography Y4. You've all put a lot of thought into this.

Tuesday 9th February 2021



Apologies if you have already completed this lesson. I did make my changes to last week's lesson before scheduled on the timetable, but I know a few of you were very organised in getting your learning completed. If you have already completed this week's task, maybe you could try and complete a potrait in one of the other styles that we evaluated two weeks ago:



This week we are continuing our artist study of M.C. Escher and using his 'Hand with Reflecting Sphere' as our inspiration.


L/O: I am able to draw a reflected image


I can remember to -

choose a reflective utensil

draw your hand and the utensil

draw yourself and your surroundings inside the utensil


When you have finished your artwork, you can share a photo of your work here

Please evaluate your work here


First thing that we need to focus on is how to draw your hands. Here is another amazing Escher drawing, which focuses on his hands:




Use the drawing tutorial to help you learn how to draw a hand:

How to draw a Hand Real Easy | Step by Step with Easy, Spoken Instructions

Learn how to draw a hand Real Easy with step by step instructions from Shoo Rayner, the author of Everyone Can Draw - the book that teaches you how to draw R...

Here are some examples of how people have used Escher's self portrait to inspire their own artwork

Y3/4 Escher inspired self portraits

Examples of children's artwork from this week. Very impressive!!

Wednesday 10th February 2021

PE & Music

Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) is on Tuesday 16th February. This day is a Christian Holy Day that marks the first day of Lent and will be celebrated by many in February half term. So, I thought as our last PE lesson before the holidays we would get active with some pancake flipping movements.

**Make sure you have lots of space**

**Also, please do not use real pancakes in this video**

Y3/4 Pancake PE

I told you it was tricky! It looks like your having lots of fun here.

IMG_0238 - Rares mironescu.MOV

Still image for this video

Keep an eye out for Dazzle Dance Amy this Friday for some Chinese New Year dancing!!!

Song of the Week

Please complete the Google Form Quiz after you have watched the video!

Thursday 11th February 2021


WARM UP: To start todays Science watch (and even join in!) the States of Matter Song

Here is everything you will need to escape the room! Good Luck and remember to check your answers at the end.

Finished? Why don't you try this States of Matter Crossword

Wow. Well done for all completing todays Science Year 4! It looks like all of you managed to escape the classroom. A clear reflection of what you've learnt on this topic.

Friday 12th February 2021

I hope you enjoyed last week's Spanish lesson learning the vocabulary for some winter items of clothing. Here's the Y3/4 bubble's recreation of the song - I'm sure you've all been getting wrapped up this week with the amount of snow we've had!


This week in Spanish, we're going to be learning about aficiones - hobbies.


What do you like doing in your free time?

What are your favourite hobbies?


Watch the video below to find out about what hobbies the little boy does.


This song also recaps the days of the week which we learnt last year!

Have a go at reading the short story then complete the activities below!




Thank you for submitting your Spanish work. Amazing work.

Dazzle Dance Chinese New Year Dancing

Learn about the Chinese New Year! Make a fan and a ribbon and dance with them! You will need some paper or card and cellotape. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

This week's musical moments is provided to you by the Strings team. Enjoy!

The Year 4 team would just like to say that we are all so proud of you!! The work you've completed this half term has been outstanding. Looking at your work submitted is the highlight of our day so thank you for sharing. It is clear that you've been watching the videos carefully and giving your remote learning 110%! We are so delighted too see that you are showing amazing independence and trying your very best. We hope that you enjoy half term and manage to get some rest.

Parents- Thank you for taking the time to support your children at home and we appreciate the feedback you give. We also hope that you manage to have a break over half term. 

We will see you back on the school blog on the 22nd of February for more exciting online learning.smiley