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Week Beginning 8th February 2021


L/O: To plan a film review.

I can remember to:

-find out some facts about the film

-write a synopsis for the film (this is like a blurb)

-explain your opinion of the film

-make your recommendations of the film


L/O: To be able to write a film review.

I can remember to:

-write an introduction including facts about the film

-write a paragraph about the characters

-write about what you liked and disliked about the film

-write a conclusion. Would you recommend it and why/why not?

-use capital letters and end of sentence punctuation

-start sentences with fronted adverbial followed by a comma

-include an apostrophe for contraction and one possession.


Examples of work (click to enlarge)


L/O: To be able to edit a piece of writing.

I can remember to:

-reread and check sentences make sense

-use capital letters and full stops in correct places

-use connectives to connect ideas e.g. and, because, so

-use a dictionary to check spellings

-revise your work to make your descriptions clear


Tom Palmer Creative Writing Tips : How to edit a short piece of writing

Examples of work (click to enlarge)


L/O: To produce a Golden Writing

I can remember to:

-reread your work outload

-have a quiet place to work

-have a tidy and clear workplace 

-sit up straight with both your feet on the floor

-have a sharp pencil or working pen

-take your time and do not rush

- think carefully about your letter formation

Examples of work (click to enlarge) Wow. I'm so pleased to see your final golden writings!! You should be so proud and I can see from responses on the google form that this has been enjoyed by all. Well Done Year 4!! Take a look at your classmates reviews. Are you inspired to go watch a new film?



Examples of work (click to enlarge)

The Year 4 team would just like to say that we are all so proud of you!! The work you've completed this half term has been outstanding. Looking at your work submitted is the highlight of our day so thank you for sharing. It is clear that you've been watching the videos carefully and giving your remote learning 110%! We are so delighted too see that you are showing amazing independence and trying your very best. We hope that you enjoy half term and manage to get some rest.

Parents- Thank you for taking the time to support your children at home and appreciate the feedback you give. We also hope that you manage to have a break over half term. 

We will see you back on the school blog on the 22nd of February for more exciting online learning.smiley