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Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Monday 8th February

Salut! Mrs. Leverton here again today with your tasks and, as we’ve had the last couple of weeks, there are two shorter lessons today. I would like you to have a go at both.

TASK 1 – French

Mr. Rist is going to get you warmed up with some numbers again, but this time, with a twist! Being the ever talented teacher that he is, Mr. Rist is going to combine some maths and French with some simple calculations. Remember to join in at home – we can hear you you know!!

Y5/6 French: Applying knowledge of numbers to answering Mathematics questions

If you want to give your own French maths a try, there’s a short warm up activity here for you to have a go at plus a reminder of the language you need.

Now we’re going to join up our learning from the last few weeks and learn how to talk about birthdays in French. Please work through the powerpoint below – there are sound buttons to click which pronounce the words for you. Join in and practice your pronunciation.

Now have a go at the worksheet – there is no need to print it off but have a go at the activities. Remember, in French they don’t use capital letters for the first letter of the month.

Now you can say when birthdays are, you can write any date!


It’s PE time! Once again Amy Burton has a fun Dazzle Dance work out for us! Exercise is really important for our bodies and it also makes you feel pretty happy too! So, enjoy, join in and I hope this puts a smile on your face! This week’s features one of my all time favourite songs – yes I know, you love my taste in music! Let’s get ready to……


KS2 Dazzle Dance 04.02.21

Dazzle Dance with Amy again! Learn a new dance and show me some of your moves.

Remember Mr Rist’s daily drills as well. I wonder how you are getting on with these and whether your skills are improving? Watch the video then go outdoors and have fun!

Y5 Daily PE drills

Let us know how you got on with today’s tasks and share any work you have produced using the google form below.


Google form


Thanks for sharing your work and for your lovely comments on the google form - not everyone chose to share their work today and that is fine but the feedback was that you are loving French!

EW - thanks for sharing your birthday work and your French maths work.

Tuesday 9th February 


Happy Tuesday Year 6 Scientists!  Today will be our final lesson about the circulatory system.  We will recap what we have learnt so far and then conduct a little science experiment in which you will measure your fitness levels!  Enjoy! 



Watch the following video and use your knowledge to answer the questions in the google quiz below.  Click on the yellow quiz picture to access the quiz!


How does our circulatory system keeps us alive? | BBC Teach

This clip explains how the heart and circulatory system work, taking a close look at the four chambers, two sides and the valves of the heart by using CGI gr...

Click below to access the quiz!




We will now conduct a science experiment on our heart rates!


What do we want to find out?

How quickly our heart rate returns to normal after exercise. 


A timer and a pen! A phone timer will work particularly well. 


Make sure you are relaxed for the first time you count your heart rate.

  1. Put a timer on for one minute (if you can, ask an adult or sibling to time you)
  2. Put your fingers on your pulse and count how many beats you feel until the timer goes off.
  3. Record this number in the table below
  4. Now, run as fast as you can for one minute
  5. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.
  6. Now put another timer on for one minute and record your heart rate
  7. Do this until your heart rate returns to normal (your first heart rate you recorded).  How many minutes did it take to return to normal?

Remember, we calculate our heart rate by seeing how many times our heart beats in one minute.  I would suggest setting a timer for one minute while you feel your pulse and count.  Then enter the results in a table like the one below.



Heart rate

Sitting (normal heart rate)


After running as fast as you can for one minute


Heart rate one minute after running


Heart rate two minutes after running


Heart rate three  minutes after running


Heart rate four minutes after running



How long did it take for your heart rate to return to normal (your sitting heart rate)?  The quicker it takes to return, the fitter you are! Why not share how many minutes it took your heart rate to return to normal below? 

Very impressed with your results today!

Wednesday 10th February   

Hello! Miss Stephens here! Today we will have 2 tasks. 







Song of the Week - Week 3

Please complete the Google Form Quiz after you have watched the video!



Since we have learned about pointillism and cubism we are now going to learn about pop art!  Yes POP ART! 


What is it? Watch the video below! 

What is Pop Art? | Tate Kids

What is Pop Art? Watch this short introduction for kids to find out!Play, make and learn about art and artists on Tate Kids

Famous Pop Art Artists (click to enlarge)

Today's task: 


Have a go at drawing a Pop Art style portrait! 

Paint Like Andy Warhol - Paint Simply a Pop Art Portrait - Fun Art for Kids

Some instructions and examples.

I can't wait to see your portraits!! Have fun!

What lovely portraits! I love how each of you have used bright colours! Well done!

More great maths work from EV - accurate and neatly presented as always

Thursday 11th February

Hi Year 6! Mrs Leverton here again with your creative curriculum learning for this week. We’re going to take a trip to the United States of America today. I wonder if any of you have been lucky enough to visit? I had my one and only visit when I was 31 – we went on our honeymoon to Disneyland – an amazing place for children and adults who act like children (yes that was me!)


Have a watch of the video below to find out a little more about the USA. It’s got a very catchy song – I bet you can’t help yourselves joining in – I’m humming along as I type!

USA Song | Learn Facts About the USA the Musical Way

Enjoy this song that celebrates the USA's 4th of July in the style of traditional American power ballads. In this video, kids can learn about the geography ...

Also have a read through the powerpoints all about the USA - I've had to split it into two presentations as the file was too big!

It’s now time for some map work. As you have learned, the USA is made up of 50 states. I have given you an outline map of the USA with the initials that are used to stand for each state. I would like you to see if you can use an atlas (I’ve given you a link to an online one) to find out the location of each state. You could either label these straight on to the map or just make a list of the abbreivaition and the state it stands for (e.g. AK = Alaska). As an extension, you could also try to add the capital cities of each state.

For those of you who haven’t had enough musical fun, here is a link to another video that sings the names of each of the states and capital cities – you’ll love it!

The 50 States Song/50 States and Capitals Song for Kids

Learn the 50 States song Alabama, Alaska, Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas...

And for those of you who haven’t had enough map fun, there is a puzzle map below that you’ve got to try and cut and stick back together!


I have attached a document below containing sorting cards of landmarks in the USA (there’s a couple from Canada that sneaked in to please Miss Stephens!). Some of these landmarks are natural physical features and some are man made. There is no need to print off these sorting cards! I would like you to create a table or list of the features and sort them in to whether you think they are natural or man made. I’ve attached the answers so that you can check once you’ve had a go!

Please share any completed work using the google form below. There’s also a quick quiz to see what you have learned!

Google from upload

Google quiz


Thank you for sharing you great work Year 6! I'm really pleased to hear that you are enjoying learning about the different Northern American countries - thanks for this feedback in the google quiz - it's really useful for us.

Lovely work from EW labelling the map and sorting natural and man made features. You computer editing skills are fab!

Well done RB - you managed to work out all the states

Friday 12th February

Happy Friday! Mrs Leverton here again with your last lessons of the week and the half term – congratulations! You’ve made it through a half term of remote learning. I hope you all give yourselves a well-deserved break next week.



We’re going to continue with our study of the USA but I thought we would look at something a bit different today. I thought it would be interesting to learn a bit about the presidents of the USA. I’ve added a PowerPoint below for you to read through to find out about all 46 of the presidents of the USA! Take notes as you go as you will need the information for the first task.

For those of you who just love a great you tube ‘song’, I’ve also added a link to a ‘song’ listing the presidents. It’s not essential viewing!

U.S. Presidents Song for Kids - Washington to Biden - Learn the Presidents & Inauguration Year

Learn the presidents with this up-to-date rap song for kids about the American presidents. Learn the 46 presidents of the United States of America in order a...

For your first task, I would like you to create a timeline of the American presidents – all 46 of them! You could either just include their name and date of presidency or be more creative and draw a little caricature of them as well! You could also include the party they represented. I’ve included the remember tos but you are all used to creating timelines and a template is not needed for this task.


When a new president takes office, an inauguration ceremony takes place. Joe Biden was inaugurated on the 20th January 2021. Watch the video below which shows part of this ceremony and the speech he made.

Joe Biden calls for unity in inauguration speech as he becomes 46th US president

Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, promising to bring unity back to the country.The ceremony was held in a Washington on...

Below is a PowerPoint all about what an inauguration ceremony is.

I would now like you to order these key events that occur each inauguration day and write a sentence about what each one is. You don’t need to print this out! I’ve also included a crossword on inauguration day for a bit of fun!

Please share your work using the google form below and complete the quiz to show what you have learned today.


Google form – upload

Google quiz

Musical moments

Some musical fun to join in with at home from the Sheffield Music Hub – a great way to end your half term.

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 5 - Canon featuring The String Team

Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year! To celebrate, Dazzle Dance Amy has prepared a video for us with Chinese dancing - normally Amy would come in to school to run a workshop so she didn't want us all to miss out on this and has videoed the workshop for us to try at home! Thanks Amy! It's also Amy Burton's birthday today - I'm sure if you sing really loudly she will hear you!

Dazzle Dance Chinese New Year Dancing

Learn about the Chinese New Year! Make a fan and a ribbon and dance with them! You will need some paper or card and cellotape. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Well done with your work on presidents today Year 6! Some of you really seemed to enjoy this - thanks for your feedback. I hope you all have a well earned break over half term. Take care and stay safe Year 6!

EW - wow, loads of great work here. Well done!