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Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Friday,12th February

Well done everybody, we have made it! The final day of this half - term. Please give yourself and your parents a massive pat on the back for all the fantastic work you have done.


Today is the planning stage. Please watch the video, which explains everything very clearly.

Y5 Planning our newspaper article

Please click on the link to upload the work

Great work on direct and indirect speech from HM, HP, OH, ZJ and EG! Remember to look at your feedback on the quiz.

Thursday, 11th February


Today, we are focusing on direct and indirect speech, which is a feature of all newspaper articles. Please click on the video below.

Also, it would be great if you could attempt the quiz! 

Y5 Direct/Indirect speech

There are 3 different levels of task on the pdf. Choose the level that you feel most confident with. Please do not look at the answers which follow each task, until you have completed them.
Click on link to quiz here.
It looks as if you have had a great deal of fun with the hotseating! WH, yours made me laugh out loud. It is very witty , especially the part about the crocodiles jaws. Also, I like the way you have used ordinary names like Doug and Colin. HM, I hope the people being interviewed behaved themselves. I have read your text and I can see that you have provided some really detailed answers, which shows you clearly thought about who you were interviewing. WM,you have included a good range of questions.

Wednesday, February 10th


Today, you are going to be interviewing eyewitnesses and doing some heatseating. Please watch the video and all will become clear!

Y5 Interviewing and hotseating for newspaper report

Click on link to upload work
Great Literacy from HP, OH, IB, AB and HM! You have identified all the features of a newspaper article. Also, can you please say thank you to your grown ups for sending the work in!  I love seeing your work!

Tuesday, February 9th 2021


Wonderful children, PLEASE READ :  On the Google quiz from yesterday, I forgot to ask you to upload work. I have now fixed this, so please click on the quiz from yesterday and send your amazing work to me. Hopefully, you all got some feedback from your quiz yesterday. I will attempt to put a few on for the rest of this week.


Features of newspaper reports


First,click on the short bitesize video, followed by the powerpoint from myself. 

Y5 Features of a newspaper article

Click on link to quiz here
Fantastic work from WP, FA, ZJ, LR and AB. I love the illustration inside the letters FA and your rhyming headline did make me laugh! AB, I love the title of your story. Also, you have used some great vocabulary and I do like cliffhanger endings! I like to make the reader think. LR, your headlines are so witty, especially the one about a small step for man! ZJ, you have combined rhyme with homophones for one of your headlines. Super effort!

Monday, February 8th


Good morning Y5,


Over the next few weeks we are going to be writing a newspaper story about an animal being found somewhere unusual at Walkley school.

Click on the video below to hear today's newspaper headlines.

Y5 Newspaper headlines

Y5 Newspaper headlines

Hey kids, please have a go at my quiz on headlines. See how you get on!
Click for quiz here
Click on link here to upload your work