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Week beginning 8th February 2021


This week we will be exploring what astronauts wear in space. Then we will be writing instructions and reading them out so the astronauts at the International Space Station know how to get ready.

Y1 Writing Monday Astronaut

How Astronauts Put on Space Suits

A 10 minute video with an expert showing how the space suit works.
Wait till you see what the astronauts have to put on first.
There's a lot of talking in this but watch as much as you can. We probably won't be having experts talking to us this year so this will do instead!

A Fast Forward version of astronauts putting on their space suits

Watch NASA astronauts Andrew Morgan and Christina Koch put on their spacesuits prior to a spacewalk on Oct. 6, 2019. -- Spacewalk Highlights: https://www.sp...

Tuesday - Hold a Sentence

When we do Talk for Writing, the talking, drawing and acting is just as important as the writing. Have a go, join in and have fun!

8 February 2021

Wednesday Plan Your Work

Y1 Writing Planning - Astronaut

Today is where we get our ideas down and start to plan, ready for our instructions
Thursday First Draft and Edit

Y1 writing astronaut. First draft and mini edit

Friday - Perform

Y1 Writing : Perform and read out your work - astronauts

Y1 Presenting Work 1

Remote Learning Space Suit