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Autumn 1

Christopher Columbus


This week, we've begun exploring Christopher Columbus' voyage to 'India'.



We have imagined that we could overhear the arguments about whether or not it would be possible to get to India by sailing West and then used a conscience alley to make our decisions. 



Then we planned and wrote a letter to Queen Isabella of Castille and King Ferdinand II of Aragon asking for their assistance in funding the expedition.




Finally, we used the budget of 400 gold pieces that they had given us to choose what to buy for the voyage and work out what we'd have to leave behind.


Gender Equality Discussion

Charlie class have been talking about how boys and girls are sometimes treated differently.

We have been asking the question: is this fair?

I have asked the children to do some extra homework this weekend, to find out the difference between Men and Women's Sports.

They should investigate:
- How popular are different sports with men and women?
- Which sports do they play?
- How many males and females take part in sport regularly?
- How much prize money / pay do professional men and women recieve?
- How are they shown on TV?
- How many people watched the Women's World Cup compared to the Men's World Cup?

Children do not need to answer all of these questions. They can also come up with, and answer, their own questions.

Children can show their investigations in any way that they choose.

Please remember, in order to keep children safe online, they should be supervised while doing any internet-based research.

TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands!

Okay, okay, so we lost our first battle against the Aslan class.... I believe that we can come back better and stronger if we can get everyone involved. To warm us up for our rematch, I've set up two practice battles:

- first, it's boys vs girls this weekend (16:15 Friday 27th September - 08:00 Monday 30th September);

- then we get really competitive as we start to play against other classroom tables!


Who's ready to rock their maths skills?

Ferdinand the Bull


In Literacy, we've been exploring the story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. We have done lots of drama work based on the story of the bull who didn't want act like the others and refused to fight. The children really got involved in retelling the tale in the form of a diary entry from the point-of-view of the frustrated matador.




Can you become a Times Table Rockstar?


We are challenging children to become Times Table Legends with the games at Times Table Rockstars


Each week in school, children will complete times table tests to measure their progress. Children are also encouraged to get involved at home by playing the games and taking part in tournaments.