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Autumn 1

Hello and welcome to our class page


The Anansi's have made such an amazing start to year 1. Mrs Wallis, Mrs Nellist and I have been so impressed with everybody. 


In class, we have been learning about the story of Anansi. It is an African tale which comes from Ghana. All the children enjoyed the story so much, and we have lots of fun activities planned for the upcoming weeks. 


We have also been doing some fun maths. The children had number cards 1–20 not in order. They found the number 10, and then sorted the numbers into those more than 10 and those less than 10. They then ordered numbers 1 to 9, and then 11 to 20 to form a line of numbers from 1 to 20. Each child had a small ball of Play dough. They rolled it into a ‘worm’ and estimated whether it was longer or shorter than 10 beads long. They used a 20-bead string to check. 


I hope you all have a great weekend, see you on Monday for some more exciting learning.   








Week 3 

This week has been a busy week in Anansi class. 


As a class, we have decided to do a show, and we will be performing the Annasi story to other classes in KS1. To get ready for our show, we have been making special spider hats. Also, each child has created their own spider. The children had to give their spider a name, colour it in and then write sentences about where their spider lives and what it eats. Additionally, we have been learning the Anansi song and putting actions to the words.


In maths, we have been learning how to add two numbers together, (up to five). The children had to make a line of five cubes with two different colours and then had to write a number sentence which represented the cubes.


In ICT, the children have had the opportunity to go to the computer suite. They have learnt how to log on and have used the Fresco programme (which is a programme like paint). On Fresco, they have had a go at drawing a spider which was great for improving their mouse skills.


Lastly, on Friday it was school council voting day. All the children had the very important job of choosing which Y6 pupils would be running the school council. All the children did an amazing job with their voting.      


I hope all of you have a lovely and enjoyable weekend.

See you all Monday.  





Week 4 

This week has been a fast-paced and fun week in Y1. 


In Maths, the children have been continuing with their addition. We now understand that we have five fingers on one hand and that when we try to count on from five we do not need to start from one we can now start from five. This helps with our addition calculations.  


We have also been making sure that we have everything ready for our show. This week, we have made posters to make sure our show is advertised around the Burnaby building, so classes can decide if they want to come and watch it. 


Also, a big thank you to all the children and parents in Anansi class, as this week our class won the attendance award. We got 99.1% fantastic effort, everyone!    

Forest School Week


What an amazing week we have had with the Anansi Class.  We all love being outside and the weather has mostly been kind to us, even if Mr Murphy wanted to jump in muddy puddles.


We have been exploring and foraging, organising, plotting, playing, moving, laughing and lashing all week long.


Mr Selwood loved sorting out the lengths of sticks, grouping objects and roasting marshmallows with Mr Butler.


Mr Murphy got stuck climbing a tree and the Anansi class worked together to help him down gently (by poking him with a stick!) We also learnt how to lash sticks together using string.  Once a few of the children mastered our lashing technique we helped and worked together.






Forest School Photos

Half term 

We have had a fantastic week in Anansi class. 


This week we have started and finished our recount of the Anansi story. All the children have worked so hard and they have all produced a fantastic piece of writing. 



Here are some examples 
This week we have also planned and acted out our show of Anansi the spider. It was a really fun and all the children enjoyed playing their part. 

I hope you all have a fantastic half term and come back well rested for another action packed half term of learning. 


Plus we have a really exciting new theme that we will be learning about but it is a secret. You will find out what it is on the first day back.