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Autumn 2

Thank you for a fantastic week! We have really enjoyed the Christmas party, Christmas Dinner, a visit from Santa and the famous staff dance. We have had a great time making our calendars and Christmas cards. The children worked extremely hard and we hope you are impressed with their efforts. 

It has been a pleasure teaching the Anansi class this term. I hope you all have a great rest. We look forward to seeing you in January for some more fun and exciting learning. 

Have a lovely holiday,

From Mr Selwood 

Christmas show week 

It has been a great week in Anansi class. The children have been so so excited in the build up to the Christmas show. They have all worked so hard and I think you'll agree that they did such an incredible job. I am so proud of all of them. Here is a picture of the whole of Y1 singing our show piece song, on the stage. This song will be on the DVD.   

This week has been such a busy week. On Monday we rehearsed.

On Tuesday we watched the early years dress rehearsal which was fantastic.

Wednesday we went to the computer suite and typed up a message to put in our Christmas cards that we made on Friday.

All the cards look great with a fingered painted snowman on the front.    

I would just like to say thank you so much for coming to the performances. I really hope you enjoyed them.

On Monday the 17th we will be having our Christmas party. So if you have signed up to bring food then if you bring that on Monday morning that would be brilliant. 


Also the children can bring party clothes that they can change into for the afternoon.  Christmas dinner is on Wednesday. If you would like to check the menu then it is stuck on our classroom door. 


Thank You so much have a great weekend, see you on Monday for the last school week of 2018!  

A Good Friend

Still image for this video
We have made a video about what it means to be a good friend for Online Safety Assembly on Monday.

Week 3 

This week has been an extremely busy and exciting week, and lots of fun learning has taken place. 



This week all the children have been working very hard in RWI. Next week the children will be moving into different RWI groups. 



This week we have been looking at capacity and volume. We have learnt how to describe how full a container is and put them into the order of least full to fullest. We had lots of fun tipping water into containers and learning about capacity. Next week will be looking at 3D shape. 



This week was all about putting the skills we had learnt into practice. We had learnt different gymnastics positions and then jumped off benches onto mats while performing a particular position in mid-air.  


Everyone has tried really hard this week, and I am so proud of all the learning that has taken place. 






Week 2 

This week has been another lovely week in Anansi class. We have had so much fun and done some excellent learning. 



This week we have been looking at data handling. On Monday, the children were detectives and they had to find out how many children's toys were left after the great fire had swept through London. The children did a superb job and we put the information that they had gathered into a tally chart. The children then answered questions about the tally chart. On the next day, children learnt about how to read a pictogram and the following day they learnt how to interpret a bar graph. 


Creative Curriculum

For our theme, (The Great Fire of London) we have decided to write a poem to the tune of London's burning. Before we can write our poem we have had to learn about adding suffixes to words. The children did amazingly well with adding suffixes, now we are ready to write our poem next week. 



We have completed our second lesson in gymnastics. We have been learning about different gymnastic positions and how to balance with different parts of our body.  



What a fantastic day! The children had so much fun. In the afternoon, all the children went into the hall and sat around a marked out area. Each class then took it in turns to go into the middle of the hall and dance to the song that they had chosen. The fun did not stop there. After, the children went to different classrooms to do many different fun activities. The children were so sensible and everyone involved had an amazing day! Take a look at the Anansi's dancing skills.     



Have a fabulous weekend, and see you all on Monday for another action-packed week of fantastic learning.   

Autumn 2

Week 1


Welcome back it has being so lovely to see all the children back.


Thank You for all your hard work over the holidays with the learning logs they were truly all fantastic.


 We had an amazing start to the week. The children met two famous archaeologists. We all went into the Forest School and when we arrived there was an area which was sealed off. In the area, there were lots of old objects buried in the ground. The children had the task of unearthing the objects. The children placed the objects on a table and they all wondered why they were burnt. Along with the objects, the children also uncovered pieces of paper and in the end they worked out that they were from The Great Fore of London.

Also this week we have being singing London's burning. The children really loved this song and performed it in pairs to the class. We also used instruments later in the week to perform the song again. Here are some pictures.

In maths, we have being looking at tally charts and pictograms. The children had to tally up houses that were on certain streets in London. After, they all put that information into a tally chart. Finally, all of them drew a pictogram to represent their data. Here are some examples of our tallying skills and pictograms drawing skills.