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Monday, 15th June

Hi everyone! It's Mr Rist! It seems that the weather is starting to improve, which is good news. Your creative task this week is all about common garden birds. I am very fortunate to have a garden, so in the morning I have a cup of coffee and get a chance to listen to watch the birds and listen to their birdsong. I find it so calming! I thought it would be quite nice for you to have a go at identifying the birds in your garden. I have included  a  poster of common garden birds to help you. If you haven't got a garden, why not go to the local park/ green space. I find mornings and evenings are the best times. If you are up for the challenge, why not match up the bird to the birdsong. Go on the RSPB website, go to bird song and match up the sound to the birds you see!

Monday 8th June

P.E. and Secondary School Transition Work

Two tasks for this week in our creative tab. 


I have been receiving tasks for different secondary schools that you are attending in September. It is during this time of year that schools will come in and chat to you, and you would spend a day or two seeing your new secondary school.

This morning, I would like you to read this presentation sent to me and have a go at the task on slide 3.

Your second activity this week is based on P.E. (my favourite!)


In school, during June, it is move more month for ALL of Sheffield. This is something we take VERY seriously at Walkley. 

The staff of Walkley actually beat all the schools in Sheffield last year, meaning the staff got vouchers to Bounce Trampoline Park #bestprizeever 


Physical activity and exercise is extremely important for your physical and mental health. When you exercise it actually releases feel-good endorphins, raising your mood and cheering you up!! I always find a gym session, run or bike ride improve my mood after a tough day. On the attached PDF there is a different activity for you to complete each day of this Month (being the 8th, we have some catching up to do!). Also, there is a great, detailed explanation on why physical activity is so important for you!



Tuesday 2nd June

Design and Technology.

This task was sent to me from Tapton Secondary school, to give new Y7's (that's you... nearly!) an insight into the various topics you will cover in secondary school on a weekly basis.


The task has two parts to it, so you can do this over two days if you wish or do it all at once- up to you!


Task 1) Designing your "cubee" people


Task 2) Creative your cubee people using the template.


If , like me, you do not have a printer you can draw (using a ruler!) or trace (the light of a computer screen makes the paper more transparent!). If you are lucky enough to have a printer, simply print out the template.


Open up the file for the full instructions of your task from Tapton!

Monday , 1st June

Hi everyone, I hope you had a lovely holiday: the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! I hope you have had a lovely time!

This week, I have got some fun geography for you! My children have been doing a Project on European countries and their capital cities. Did you know there are 51 countries in the continent of Europe? Can you learn the names of the countries and their capitals?

It took my children 2 weeks to memorise them! Can you do better?



  • find a modern map of Europe on the internet or in an Atlas
  • learn the countries and capitals that make up the United Kingdom ( Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland) Play the memory game to help you. Write the names of the countries and their capitals on separate pieces of paper. Turn them face down and shuffle. Player 1 picks 2 cards - if they match, they get to keep them. If they don't, player 2 gets a turn. The player with the most pairs wins.
  • When you can memorise the above, move onto some of the countries in Western Europe such as France , Spain. Do not do more than 10 at a time!
  • How quickly can you learn them all. When you have achieved this, have a a go at this countries of Europe quiz. It will help you know where all the countries are in relation to each other. This is the link
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
This recipe is by special request from a phone call with one of you this week.  Miss Whitham made these with the pupils that were in school during the Castleton visit.  I remember how delicious they smelt in school when they were cooking in the oven. Miss Whitham kindly gave me the recipe and I made them together with my daughter this morning.  They are really fun to make and sooooooo delicious - especially when they are still warm from the oven! I think you will really enjoy making (and eating!) them too.  If you'd like to share photos of your cookies or you making them click here. We'd love to see them!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Silhouette Sunset

Hello Kensukes, Miss Travis here. I wanted to share some art with you as I think you'd enjoy having a go at it too.  You'll need some paper, paints and brushes.  Have a look at the video first - it's a time lapse of my daughter completing one step by step.  There's also the example of one that I did.  You could do similar detail or choose to do something different. You could maybe look at the sunset outside to get some inspiration, or you could search for images of 'silhouette art painting' to get some ideas.  Trees work really well!  There's some remember tos to help you with each step.  Please share your work on this form. Enjoy!

Silhouette Sunset


LO: To use paint to produce a wash and then add detail
I can remember to -
For the background wash:
Add water to the paint
Use a thick/wide brush with long sweeping movement across the page
Test the colour out on some scrap paper first
For the detail
Leave the background to dry completely
Light sketch the outline with a pencil if necessary
Use black paint with a thin brush
Observational Drawing

Hi everyone. I have some more Art for you this week. Whoopee, I hear you say! One of Sheffield's best street artists is Sarah Yates, who is also known as Faunagraphic. She loves doing murals of nature, as she is passionate about the environment, especially birds.

Follow the instructions and tips on the following pages and have a go at doing some observational drawing of the bird. I would draw some smaller drawings first and then have a go at a larger one. Good luck! 

 Monday , 11th May

Hi lovely children. Mr Rist here again. I hope you have had a lovely week.  Following on from the research last week, I wanted to focus on the art work of Jo Peel. She is a local street artist and has done many murals on buildings in Sheffield.

Her art uses perspective to make the drawings seems 3 – d.

Perspective is what makes a flat drawing look 3 - D. It is a way of drawing lines to make somethings look closer and some look further away.

The key things to remember about perspective are :

  • perspective allows the art to look 3-d, so some things will appear closer and others further away
  • parallel lines meet at a vanishing point to create the idea of distance
  • the horizon line is the line that separates the land from the sky

 All these elements are needed to create the sense of distance in a painting.I have put a link to a video for drawing buildings in perspective. You might want to pause and rewind   the video to give yourself time to draw it. If you have a 3 or 4 B sketching pencil that would be great, if not just use a normal pencil. Try to make your lines faint to start with , as you can always rub them out if you make a mistake. Good luck!



How to Draw Buildings in 1-Point Perspective: Narrated


Hi  wonderful Walkley children. Mr Rist here!  I hope you are all keeping well.  I am really missing you. Hopefully, I will get to see your smiley faces before too long. It was lovely to see some of you when I was delivering the school meals. Mr  Williamson has asked me to put together a Creative lesson for you.  I thought it would be nice to do some local art. Did you know that Sheffield has an amazing art scene – there are so many amazing artists such as Pete Mckee, Joe Scarborough, Faunagraphic ( Sarah Yates), Jo Peel and Phlegm. Their art styles are all very different.


Can you choose one to do some research on? Find out some facts about them :  

  • Birthplace
  • What sort of artist are they ( street artist , portrait artist , cartoon style)
  • Media – what do they use to paint ( aerosol, acrylics etc)
  • Where do they paint ( studio,  on buildings in Sheffield)
  • What do they like to paint
  • What are they passionate about ( environment, wildlife, Sheffield)
  • Favourite colours

You can present it however you want . It might be a factfile, an information poster, a powerpoint presentation etc. Good luck!

Art Competition

Calling all young artists! It’s competition time!

Please click on this link to find out about the Bourlet Young Masters Art Prize in support of the Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

You need to act fast though – the deadline for submissions is this Friday 1st May. To enter, you need to ask a grown up to post a photo of your artwork on Instagram (click here to see the website for more details).  You could create your artwork this week or post something you have already created during lockdown. There are no restrictions on the subject and the image can be painted, drawn or scribbled using any kind of media. Use your imagination!

If you would like some inspiration you can look on the bitesize website here.

If you enter the competition, please spend a minute to fill out this feedback form and share your work with us.
Thank you and good luck!

P.E. this week- Mr Williamson's circuit training!



One of the challenges of lockdown is staying fit! As you know, I'm a bit of a sport & fitness fan. To stay fit I have been using my hours exercise to run or cycle around Walkley. Indoors is a little more challenging, I have been creating my own circuits to do in my kitchen (annoying my girlfriend with my loud music at the same time!). Your challenge for this week is to create and complete at least 3 circuit training workouts for you to complete!


The elements of the workout you can vary are:

  • How long to do each exercise (start with 30 seconds and make it longer next time?)
  • What order to do the exercises (remember OVERLOAD e.g. doing three leg exercises in a row to really target the muscles)
  • How hard you make the exercise (remember PROGRESSION and REGRESSION- explanation below)


  1. Progression= In exercise terms, progressing an exercise is making it harder. For example, instead of doing a normal press-up, doing a jump press-up (ouch!)
  2. Regression= In exercise terms, regressing an exercise is making it easier. For example, going onto your knees to do a press-up will make the exercise easier. 


Below I have attached some circuit training cards that are similiar to the ones we have used during our P.E. lessons this year! They have some ideas on them for exercises, and ways to progress and regress them. They also come with a handy explanation for the exercises. By all means add your own, there are loads out there! 



Step one- When you have looked at the circuit training cards below, get some paper and design your own circuit training cards. If you would like to copy these, that's fine. If you would like to create your own, that is absolutely fine as well!


Each card should have:

  1.  A clear title, so the user can easily see what exercise they are doing.
  2. A "how to" guide. This might be a simple diagram with a set of instruction?
  3.  Example progressions or regressions (this is sometimes a little tricky for certain exercises!)


Step two- Decide your variations and how the workout will "look". I.e. order of exercises, time you are doing each exercise.


Step three- Complete the workout! 


Step four- Analyse and evaluate for your next workout- are some exercises to hard/easy? Could you do some for longer? Should the order be different to target different muscles? Maybe you would like to repeat some exercises?


REPEAT- starting from step two probably though!

A really nice art idea! Maybe create a scene around the shadows?

Halle Orchestra Activities

Hello Kensukes Class, Miss Travis here.  Really missed our usual Thursday together today. Hope you had your usual Timestable Rockstar session! Click on the link above for a message and some activities linked with our trip to the Halle Orchestra earlier this month. 

Attached is the Gymnastic station cards that we used in our lessons in Spring term! If you have space, set these out in a big circle (or any shape you like really!) and give your children 1 minute to complete each activity. If you do not have space, place them face down on a table and have the children randomly select an acitvity to complete. Get the tunes on and sweat pumping!