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Spring 2

Week 5 

This week has been a great week in Anansi class.  


This week, all the children have started new RWI groups. They were all so excited to find out their new groups and their new teacher. 


In maths, we having been learning about time. First we looked at a clock and and named the hands and discussed what we could see on the clock face. We had a go a making certain times with our clocks. Later in the week we looked at word problems and used mathematical language to solve the them. 


This week, all the children have completed their golden writes and they look absolutely fabulous. They are well presented the content is fantastic. They have done an amazing job. 


In PE, with have really enjoyed our half with Amy from Dazzle Dance. 



Week 4


All the children have been trying extremely hard with their sounds and writing in RWI. On Tuesday, the children will find out their new groups and who their teacher will be in RWI.


In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have looked at the properties of shapes and worked out how we could sort the shapes into different groups. At the end of the week we looked at some word problems and all the children did a great job at using mathematical language to answer them.


This week we had the chance to practise some drama which was linked with reading. As a class, we read the story Who Sank the Boat? In groups children then had a part of the story to read. After, they had read it they then made some freeze frames to retell the story.


In writing, we are still in the process of writing our leaflets. Next week we will start our neat write up of our leaflet.  


We are so looking forward to our trip to the Bakers on the 15th April. We can’t wait to go and make and bake some bread.   

Thank you for all your support and all the homework and reading you do. See you next week for our final week of term two.

Spring 2

Week 3

It has been another fun and interesting week in Anansi class, with lots of great learning taking place.


This week, we continued our work on weight. We looked at word problems to help improve our reasoning skills. We had a selection of words problem that the children thought about independently, then we came back as a class and discussed the answers. Later in the week, all the children worked really hard in their books at explaining their answers using mathematical language.


Over the past two weeks, we have been linking our theme The Great Fire to dance. We have had the mats set out as streets and the children dancing through the streets of London. As the fire starts we have been dancing to get pretend buckets and then dancing around the streets to put the fire out. All the children have really enjoyed The Great Fire of London dancing and we will continue this next week.


This half term we have been working on coding. This week, we had to code a bee to get some nectar and then direct the bee to their hive to make the honey. The children had to use directions east, west, north, south and buttons get and make to help the bee make the honey. All the children flew through the levels and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.


After completing our brainstorm, we have now made a start on our first draft of our leaflet. The children have put in a huge amount of effort. They have used some great connectives to expand their sentence and given great reasons why Mr Rich should give them more money to help re-build London. Next week, we will focus on editing our work to make it even better.


All the children have been doing a super job in their RWI and guided reading groups. We have started looking at monster words in morning reading time to get the children ready for the phonics check later in the year.

Red Nose Day

For red nose day all the children dressed up in red. It was fabulous to see everyone dressed in red and thank you so much for all your donations.

Week 2

What a great week we have had this week in Anansi Class.



This week in maths, we have been looking at weight. First, the children used the balancing scales and focused on the language of weight as they weighted some objects. The next day, the children weighed two objects and then recorded which object was the heaviest. After, we talked about equal and what it meant and the children tried to balance objects with different counter weights. We used cubes, pencils and counters. Most of the children thought the cubes were the best as they were bigger and easier to count. Lastly, the children recorded weights of objects then ordered them from lightest to heaviest.


Creative Curriculum

This week, we have started to collect ideas on what needs re-building after the fire in London. Our aim is to write a persuasive leaflet so people will help fund the re-build. So far the children have had a visit from Mr Rich and he has donated some money after they came up with some great reasons of why certain things need re-building.



Following the assembly delivered by the NSPPC as a school we decided to run an activities day so people could sponsor the children. Throughout the day, we danced to the Macarena every hour. The afternoon was filed with a range of fun activities. There was basketball, a penalty shoot out, yoga, an obstacle course and skipping. All the children loved the activities and had a fantastic afternoon.


Thank You for the learning logs they look great many people have being up to some fantastic baking. Also, thank you so much for all the sponsor forms we have received the closing date for the sponsor forms is the 13th of March.


Have a great weekend and see you on Monday for another fun filled action packed week of exciting learning!   

World Book Day


What an amazing mix of characters arrived on World Book Day!

Week 1

Welcome back everyone I hope you had a great break.


This week has been an extremely exciting week as we have had Chinese week, to celebrate Chinese New Year. All the children had the opportunity to learn about china through different subjects. There was music, art, food, PE, calligraphy, and computing amongst other things.


The children learnt some popular songs in Chinese such as “Baby Shark.” They also learnt how to play the glockenspiel and compose their own piece of music. Finally, at the end of the lesson some children performed their composition to the rest of the class.


In Calligraphy, the children learnt their names in Chinese. After the lesson, they could all say their names in Chinese and during the lesson they attempted to write their names in Chinese.


In PE, the children all learnt Tai Chi. This is great for calming the mind and is great for relaxation. The children learnt some Tai Chi moves such as flying bird, floating water, hug the tree and making the moon. This was a great activity and all the children felt so relaxed and calm afterwards.

Food tasting

Many children had new experiences in this activity as they got to try Chinese food. The children learnt the names of Chinese food and then got to taste it and then rated how nice it tasted.

Lantern making

In this activity all the children got the chance to make Chinese lanterns. This required great focus and great DT skills.

It has being a great week and all the children have really enjoyed experiencing different activities.


All the learning logs look amazing and thank you for all the work done in the holiday’s, I can see how much fun the children have had doing the activities.


Have a lovely weekend!