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Week Beginning 11th January 2021



L/O: To use AM and PM.

Miss Kendall will be delivering this weeks Maths on Time!


First, lets get your brains warmed up with a.... wait for it.... SUPER MOVERS!


HERE is Fred the Red with your six times tables! Have a dance to get your brains active!


Making your own clock

Lets see how we can make your own clock at home!

Work your way through the worksheets- As mentioned in the video, if you are unsure about time.. try the Y3 worksheets!

Any work you would like to share from this week either with a teacher or your classmates please submit on the google form at the top. 


Children's work (Click to enlarge) Thank you for sharing. I can clearly see you are giving it 110% at home.


L/O: To understand seconds, minutes and hours.

WARM UP: Get your brains warmed up with Moonbeam

Y4-Maths - Tuesday

Want an extra challenge? Try this White Rose Worksheet.

Amazing maths work today Year 4!!


L/O: To convert between units of time.

WARM UP: Get groovy with the rapping unicorn practicing your x9!!

Y4 Maths-Wednesday


Submit your work using the google form at the top!

Thank you if you've sent in videos!! - You know who you are!! I REALLY enjoyed watching them!

However, if you are filming videos please don't say the childs name. I can only post them on the blog if they are anonymous even if we all know their faces! smiley


L/O: To convert analogue and digital times on a 12 hour clock.

WARM UP: Time to show your best dance moves with Filbert Fox and practicing your 8 times tables HERE.

Y4-Maths-Thursday- Analogue and digital times

Y4-Maths-Thursday- Problems

Try the interactive clock here

Submit your work using the google form at the top!

Lots of brilliant work submitted today Y4! It's clear that your confidence is growing.


Welcome to Friday!! Your first week of online learning is nearly complete! 

We've got some Friday Fun Maths for you today with two different activities for you to complete. One from Miss Travis and one from Miss Kendall, watch the videos to find out more.

Digit Cards with Miss Travis

LO To make different numbers using digit cards

I can remember to 

find odd numbers (ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9)

find even numbers (ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8)

use my knowledge of place value to find 10/100/1000 more or less than a number

use my knowledge of place value to order a set of numbers


First of all, please watch this video which demonstrates how to make your own digit cards.  You could also use playing cards or UNO cards instead.

Making your own digit cards

Now watch this video which demonstrates some of the ways you can use your digit cards.

Y3 and Y4 Using digit cards

Click on the document below for some further ideas of how you can use your digit cards. You could use them together with someone in your household or you could get your favourite teddy or toy to join in!  You might have your own ideas of how to use the digit cards too.  

Sorting with Miss Kendall

L/O: To order intervals of time from shortest to longest.

Activity two allows you to have lots of discussion around lengths of time you will need some scissors for this task. 

Well Done Year 4! You've all clearly showed a good understanding of this weeks time tasks! Hopefully now you feel more confident in telling the time :)