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Week Beginning 11th January 2021


Hello Kensukes and Potters! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  It’s Miss Stephens that will be planning your literacy work for this week!

If you remember from before the holidays we learned about newspaper articles and writing them! Don’t worry if you forget because we will recap! 

We are going to write a newspaper article about the lockdown. Put on your investigative journalist hats and we will start thinking about gathering the important facts!


Task 1

Your first task will be to watch and read other newspaper reports about lockdown in the UK.

Part 1: Read the newspaper articles. Highlight or underline any key words or phrases that you need to look up in a dictionary or ask an adult or sibling.

Part 2:  Make notes about the key information into the following table to help you.

I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

Monday's work!! WOW! Well done Year 6 for submitting some fantastic literacy work! So proud of you! Keep it up!

12.01.21 Tuesday


For today’s task you will be learning about punctuating direct and indirect speech. Newspaper articles use speech to accurately explain what a key person or witness has said about an event.



Your task is now to write some direct and indirect speech.  Below are the links for the activity. There are 3 different levels for you to choose. 



Can you write some direct and indirect speech from the articles we have read?

Some fantastic work on direct and indirect speech! Well done to: DB, AS, AP, RH, HH, EF, E-M F, EW, KP, OZ and XS!! (Tuesday work)

Wednesday - 13.01.21 


Today, we will look at the newspaper articles that we read on Monday and begin to analyse the features. (Scroll up - they are still there)


Task 1 - Read the PowerPoint about the features of a newspaper article. 

Task 2 - Use the checklist and go through each article. What do they both have? What are they missing? What could be improved? 

Amazing work Year 6! And some of you have already written an article! Wow!! (Wednesday work)

​​​Thursday - ( 14.01.21) 


Today you will read my newspaper article I have written about the lockdown.

Read my article and then make a text map for it!


I can remember to: 

I can retell the text.

I can create pictures and symbols for key words and phrases in the text. 

I can create the same symbols for the same words. 

I can organise and sequence my text map with clear arrows. 


Remember to use the same symbols for the same words throughout the map!

For example, in my text map the word lockdown is a picture of a lock and the arrow down.  

As well, any "said" type word I just drew a speech bubble.  


* You do not need to write/draw every word. *

Be creative with colours and pictures!


I have included my example story map to help you!  I can't wait to see yours!


Miss Stephens' example text

Text Map - Miss Stephens' example (Hopefully you can see it ok!)

Amazing text maps! Well done to: EW, FS, HH, IL, RW, SA, XS, AS, OS and AS!

More great text maps done by: AF, JS, EL, TS and JS! Nicely done!

15.01.21 - Friday


Happy Friday! Today it's all about actions!! Now that we have made a text/story map, we can retell the text with actions too! A good way of learning how to write different text types is by retelling them with actions to help us remember. 


Watch Miss Stephens retelling the text with her actions! 

Year 6 talk 4 writing lockdown news article

This is Miss Stephens retelling the lockdown news article with her actions. Part 1

Year 6 talk 4 writing lockdown news article part 2

Now, it's your turn!! Have fun, be creative and use the text maps to help you!! 

You can send videos of your actions or you can also send in pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

Some ideas for acting out connectives..

Y6 bubble

Year 6 Bubble retelling the lockdown newspaper article with actions!

Fabulous actions! Well done AG, XS EMF and IL!