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Week beginning 1st March 2021


L/O: To compare decimals.

Speedy Maths work today Year 4! You've all shown an excellent understanding of comparing decimals :)


L/O: To order decimals.

Thank you for submitting your work today. Excellent maths!


L/O: To round decimals.


L/O: To identify halves and quarters.

Excellent submissions today Y4. You've all shown a good understanding of converting fractions to decimals.


Friday Fun Maths

Happy Friday Year 3 & 4, 

Well Done you made it to Friday whooooo!

As it was World Book Day yesterday, we decided that your Friday Fun maths should be based around a book.

Ms Solinger will talk you through an exciting maths activity all based around a book called 'PRESS HERE'. 

Listen carefully and enjoy your final home learning maths task!!

Remember to submit your tasks at the top. We can't wait to see them.

Original story of 'PRESS HERE' by Herve' Tullet

Y3/4 'Press Here' Maths SD 480p SD 480p