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Week Beginning 25th January 2021

25.01.21 -Monday

Hello Year 6! It’s Miss Stephens that will be planning your literacy this week!


Watch the short video clip below for some writing inspiration!

Imagine stumbling across hidden treasure the next time you are out on the beach or in the wood with your friends. What would you do? Open the treasure chest? Keep it all to yourself? Hand it to the police? Show it to your family? I think we have all thought about this!


Write what you would do if you found hidden treasure. Make sure to describe it!



Some helpful words to describe treasure.

WOW! Some great writing!! A new week, a new text and some fabulous writing to start it all off!! Just a reminder to make sure you describe the treasure.

Great work girls! HC - A couple of good ideas about what to do with the treasure! EW- Great description of the treasure and interesting characters in your short story!

26/01/21 - Tuesday

Have a read of the story attached below.  As you are reading you can highlight or underline any key words/phrases or events. As well, any unknown words you will need to look up the meaning of. 



You will be answering comprehension questions about the story.

They are attached below with the remember to.


(There is also a link to a quiz if you'd rather do some of today's task this way)