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Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Happy Monday Year 6! Last week of term!! 


This week, we are going to start a new topic!  We will be learning about.... monsters!! YAY!

Your task will be to create a new monster for the professor!!

Below are some of Professor Behemoth's monsters...

Watch the videos below to get some inspiration about how monsters behave and look!

marshmallows short film Writing video

Monsters, Inc. (2001) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Monsters, Inc. (2001) Trailer #1: Check out the trailer starring Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Mary Gibbs! Be the first to watch, comment, and share old t...

Today's work will be split into 2 different tasks.





What will the monster look like? Size? Colour? Skin? Fur? Scales?

How many legs/eyes/arms/teeth?

How will the monster behave? Is it kind or vicious?

Does it have any powers?

Can it speak?


Below are word mats attached to help you with using higher level vocabulary.


Now that you have drawn and labelled your new monster, I would like you to write a paragraph describing it. Challenge yourself to use better vocabulary (with the word mats) and use figurative language (metaphors, similes, personification, etc.) too!

Yes Miss Stephens these are helpful...

Description of a monster example

Have fun creating your monsters! I can't wait to see what they're like!

Below is the google form so you can send them in!

WOW!! Great monsters Year 6! Keep sending them in!!

They're out on the loose in the city!!

Your task: Design a poster calling on the public to help hunt down and capture it before it is too late.


  • The description and picture of the monster
  • The behaviour of the monster
  • A reward
  • Who to contact if they see the monster (email or phone number)
  • What the monster has done/ why it is dangerous
  • Where the monster was last spotted

Miss Stephens' wanted poster. ( I've attached it as well so you can open in a word document.)

If you are stuck, scroll up and use the word mats!!


Feel free to use the template below or draw one/ create one on a tablet or laptop. Whatever works! Be creative!


I can't wait to read them!

WOW YEAR 6! Great wanted posters today! Keep sending them in!!

SA- Great wanted poster! Great description of Cedric!

EF- Wow! Great description of this beast! I hope they can find it!

LC and ADC - You have sent me blank copies.  Can you please send them again? 

Wednesday 10th February - 10/02/21 


Before we start I'd like to say a WELL DONE to all Year 6 children and people at home helping them! I'm a proud teacher right now! You have all come up with great ideas! Some very scary ones!


If you haven't sent in your work from Monday or Tuesday there is still time! Send them in! I'd love to see more monsters!! 

Today's task


We are going to be reading an information text about... yes you guessed it... monsters!! 


Attached is the text and you will also be able to click a link to hear it read out loud. 

Now, that you have read and heard the text we are going to look at vocabulary.  Any new words or phrases? Use a dictionary or an online one to help you.


Below is a definitions activity.

Below is the second activity today which is answering comprehension questions about today's text. All of the answers can be found in the text except the last one which is your opinion.

Great literacy work from Year 6!! I love that you are all using the text to find your answers and using it for evidence too! Well done!

EW- Great dictionary work and great answers to the questions! Great understanding of the text.

EF- Great dictionary work!

Thursday 11th February 2021-  11.02.21


Great work yet again Year 6! The google form is still open if you haven't had the chance to send me your work from yesterday yet! 



Today we will be looking at the features of this type of text.  It is an information text (or non-chronological report), however, it is based on fictional monsters/creatures.  Some people call these Faction! So a bit of fiction with non-fiction (facts). 

What Are Informative Texts?

Calendars, instruction manuals, newspaper articles, and dictionaries all have something in common - they are all informative texts. Informative texts are use...

Today's learning will be split into 2 tasks.  


Task 1 

I'd like you to read the information text/non-chronological report "Swamp Monsters" again and underline the key features of it. 



Task 2


Use the checklist or create your own to see if our text, "Swamp Monsters" has these features.  I'd also like you to give evidence of that feature too.  Not just ticking a box!



Below, I've attached the checklist for you. 

Here is my example of looking at the text, checking the list and using evidence.

More great work from Year 6! I like that you are highlighting the text on your computers and making keys! As well, there are some very detailed checklists too! Huge well done!

EW-WOW! Well done at highlight the text with your colourful key! I loved that! As well fabulous job on the checklist! Well done!

RB- Great job at completing the checklist! Well done!

Friday  12th February 2021


We will now be creating a story map for “Swamp Monsters.”


I can remember to: 

I can retell the text.

I can create pictures and symbols for key words and phrases in the text. 

I can create the same symbols for the same words. 

I can organise and sequence my text map with clear arrows. 


Remember to use the same symbols for the same words throughout the map!

For example, in my text map Swamp monster is the same throughout.  



* You do not need to write/draw every word. *

Be creative with colours and pictures!


I have included my example story map to help you!  I can't wait to see yours!


Miss Stephens' story map

Task 2

Now that we have made a story map, we can retell the text with actions too! A good way of learning how to write different text types is by retelling them with actions to help us remember. 


A couple remember tos:

Read the story out loud.

Create actions for key words and phrases in the story.

Have fun!


Watch Miss Stephens retelling the text with her actions! 

Year 6 swamp monsters actions

More great literacy work to end the week! Year 6 you are so creative with your actions! I love seeing them! Plus, your text maps are fantastic!