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Monday 29th June

We hope you have all had a pleasant weekend. We had a couple of long walks in the Peak District - Even though I've lived in Sheffield for most of my life, there's still loads of places I've not discovered yet and we're really enjoying finding new places at the moment - even though we did get quite wet! I wonder if you've been exploring anywhere new? 

In school, we have been working in our own bubbles. I have been enjoying using You Tube tutorials with the children to learn to draw various animals and even a waterfall last week - give it a try yourself - the art for kids hub is great! We also took part in the Virtual Sports Day - I wonder how many of you did? It was fun trying to get the highest score.

It's great to see all the work you are producing. I've attached a story based on France that AAH has sent it - I love the way she includes so much information to develop the setting - have a read.

I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy all the fabulous home learning 'Team Blog' are setting for you.

Take care

Mrs Leverton and the Year 5 team

More great maths work from IL!

WOW!!! Have a listen to EL amazing Owl podcast below, it truly is Owltastic! Amazing work EL, you might be teaching me about how to make a podcast when you return. Brilliant facts as well and very well written. Love it!


Friday 19th June


Hi Year 5s! 

I hope you have all had a great week. We are all ready for our weekend after a busy week in school teaching children in key worker bubbles. I mentioned in my post on Monday that there would be changes to our home learning blogging. You will still be receiving quality home learning, but from Monday this will be found in a different place on the website and it will be produced by the very capable 'Team Blog' aka Miss Travis, Miss Kendall and Mr Rist as we are in school teaching. You will still receive daily maths lessons, guided reading with 3 tasks, a 2 week write, SPaG and spellings, get active ideas, weekly music lessons and weekly creative tasks. I'm sure this will be more than enough to keep you busy and engaged! The new home learning section is hard to miss! It can be found by clicking on 'class pages' then 'Upper key stage 2' where the yellow star is very obvious that you need to click on to access the pages. I've attached a screen shot underneath so you know what you're looking for.

We will still keep checking the pages to see the brilliant work you send in on the google forms and there will be a weekly message from your teachers as a catch up on this class blog page. Keep up the amazing work Year 5s, we are so proud of you and we are missing you all.

Take Care

Mrs Leverton, Miss Solinger and Mr Gamage

Week beginning Monday 15th June


I hope you have all had a good weekend. Mine mainly consisted of emptying all the rubbish that we have acquired over the last few years into a skip in preparation for our house move!

Things will start to change a little bit on our home learning pages soon as all the staff return to teaching their full hours in school. Don’t worry, we have a plan to make sure we are still delivering quality home learning to you all, it’s just it may be by different staff and delivered in a slightly different way. We will keep you up to date though and we are all still keen to share in the work you are producing.

So on to this week. It’s Mr Gamage once again kicking off the maths for you on Monday and Tuesday then I (Mrs. Leverton) will once again be with you for the rest of the week (Deja vu I hear you say!!) with a focus on area. Friday will give you a chance to have a go at some CLIC tests once again. In literacy this week, you will guided expertly through the process of completing your Henri Matisse biographies to publication standard. Guided reading will take a look at current issues in the world with a text and tasks relating to Black Lives Matter – something I know will evoke some strong feelings. Sadly, with my own children returning to their own key worker bubbles while I’m in school, this week will see the last in the current series of ’The Leverton Science Dilemmas’ over on the other curriculum areas page.

I see a bit of a return to the lovely weather we have become accustomed to on the horizon – phew! Maybe this might be a chance to get out and explore – we had a lovely walk up to Stanage Pole last week – with such beautiful countryside on our doorstep, I wonder where you could explore this week?

Have a fab week,

The Year 5 Team

Week beginning Monday 8th June


Wow, Monday again – that came around fast! Well done for all the work you completed last week, we really enjoy seeing the work you share on the Google Forms. I hope you have all had a good weekend – our rain coats got some exercise!

So on to this week. It’s Mr Gamage kicking off the maths for you on Monday and Tuesday with a focus on angles and then I (Mrs. Leverton) will be with you for the rest of the week continuing with the shape theme with a revision of perimeter. Friday will give you a chance to have a go at some CLIC tests. In literacy this week, you will be introduced to Henri Matisse through your guided reading tasks and you will start a new block of writing also based on Henri Matisse. In a smooth link (have we planned it?!) there will also be creative work linking to Henri Matisse on the other curriculum areas page. Miss. Travis will continue to post music resources here too. I can’t wait to see what you all produce this week!

The Leverton Weather station says ‘It’s-an-indoor-board-games-sort-of-week-this-week’ which means cloud and rain so time to dust off the board games and have a play. Why not even have a go at designing and making your own?

Have a fab week,

The Year 5 Team

Week beginning 1st June

Welcome back year 5s! Well what a lovely weather week it has been! I hope you have had a good week relaxing and making the most of the outdoors. The highlights of the Leverton week were some junk modelling creating a unicorn castle out of Easter egg boxes and having a long walk in the countryside involving a picnic – making the most of the changes to the lockdown rules. Meanwhile, Mr. Gamage enjoyed taking his son on a looooooong bike tour of the local town halls while Ms. Solinger celebrated Elmer Day (who knew such a day existed?!) by painting Elmers with her two children.

So, on to this week. Ms. Solinger will be propping up the maths corner this week with some exciting work on converting units of measure – who knows, it might even feature some kitchen fun. The Leverton family will also be in the kitchen carrying out a science investigation – head over to the ‘Other Curriculum Areas’ page for this task. On the literacy page you will find some guided reading relating to science looking at the inventions of some famous scientists. You will also find a SPAG task here as well.

We hope you enjoy your tasks. Remember to share your work using the google forms. The good weather looks set to continue this week so make the most of being outside. Why not go on a leaf walk? See what different leaves you can find – they are perfect this time of year to take rubbings from.

Have a great week,

Team Year 5

Friday 22nd May – so long, farewell … for now

Today is the last day of the half term so we will not be adding any work to the blog until Monday 1st of June. You will still be able to access the tasks we have already set if you want to catch up with any you have missed – there are some great ideas on the ‘other curriculum areas’ page that you might enjoy trying.

Try and make the most of daily outdoor time. As I’ve said before, exercise and fresh air is really good for your physical and mental health, just remember to social distance to keep yourselves safe. Maybe you could look out for any wildlife you can spot while you’re out and about? One child has been visiting a horse on their daily walks and another has made friends with a mouse. I wonder what you will find?

Anyway, take care and bye for now – but we will be back soon with some more fun filled learning for you!

Stay safe,

The Year 5 Team


Week beginning 18th May

I hope you all had a good weekend and used the new exercise ruling as a great way of getting some fresh air. The highlight of my week last week was getting the chance to catch up with some of you in our phone calls. If you haven’t received a call yet, then don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten you and someone from the team will be in touch with you soon. Hopefully you will enjoy the chat as much as the staff. This is our last week of the half term and what a strange one it’s been! Take a few minutes at some point this week to think about the things you have achieved since lockdown – I’m sure there’s more than you think. I know we have all got better at online teaching which is a skill I never thought I would develop. There will not be any lessons blogged next week but it will be a chance if you want to catch up on any lessons you’ve not had time to complete.

Anyway, on to this week. Maths will be the same set up as last week - Mr. Gamage will be back on Monday to Wednesday then I (Mrs. Leverton) will finish off the week on Thursday and Friday. In literacy this week, you will find some SPaG to keep your grammar skills up and a guided reading task about the Tour de France. The creative tasks will also link to the Tour de France! I can’t wait to see the work you share! We will carry on with our Leverton science dilemmas after the holidays.

We have been so lucky with the weather in lockdown and this week looks like another good one. Maybe even good enough for a water fight??

Have a great week,

Team Year 5

Week beginning 11th May

Happy Monday Year 5s! I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. I wonder if anyone held a VE day celebration at all? Or maybe you watched something on TV about the celebration? We made scones as my Grandma used to for me as a child (my grandma was alive in WW2 so I thought this was appropriate) and we put some union jack flags up around our house. Our road had a socially distanced street party! It was a lot of fun, the man down the road played music from World War II!

So, on to this week. Mr. Gamage will be back with some maths Monday to Wednesday then I (Mrs. Leverton) will finish off the maths week on Thursday and Friday. There’s another science investigation on the ‘other curriculum areas’ page for you this week and an art activity that Miss Travis has shared. On the literacy page, you will find some information about how to complete and present your short story and there’s a lovely story as the basis for the guided reading tasks that I’m sure you will enjoy.

It looks like an improving week on the weather front so how about taking a walk with some paper and a pencil and sketching some of the signs that spring really has sprung during lock down.

Have a great week,

Team Year 5

Week beginning 6th May

Greetings! I hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend and are ready for a task filled four days ahead – yes four days! Friday is a bank holiday which is an early May Day bank holiday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE day. That leads me swiftly into the tasks we have lined up for you this week (almost like I planned it!). Your guided reading task this week posted in the literacy area will be to read about, and watch a short video about, this momentous day in British (and French – another link there, phew!) history. You also have a creative task in the ‘other curriculum areas’ section on hosting your own VE day celebrations! Also in the literacy area is the start of a new write which is a story following a beautifully presented storyboard (Mr. Gamage’s art skills on display). In the ‘other curriculum areas’ page there is a science investigation for you to have a go at to help me solve a reoccurring problem – have a read and a watch to find out what this is! Over in the maths corner this week is Miss Solinger with some great tasks relating to the area of statistics. We hope you enjoy the tasks and keep the feedback coming in on Google Forms. The Leverton weather station says this week is going to be a mixed one. Why not try our current favourite past time of building a den? Our lounge is constantly being dismantled for the latest den building operation!

Have a lovely week,

Team Year 5


We hope you've had a lovely weekend year 5s and had a chance to enjoy the glorious weather. We're having a go at using some Google Forms at the moment to get some feedback on your learning so if you see the link please click and send us a message to let us know how you're getting on. Mr. Gamage is kicking the week of with maths for Monday and Tuesday looking at decimals. Wednesday to Friday will be over to me (Mrs. Leverton) to remind you of the method we use for multiplication and I've got a fun maths game you can make and play as your maths lesson for Friday to finish the week off. In literacy, you will have the task of finishing off your non-chronological report - guidance on this will be posted on the literacy page. On there, you will also find a couple of SPaG activities and some guided reading linking to France. The focus on France continues into our 'Other Curriculum Areas' work with some fantastic ideas of creative tasks linked to French landmarks - I wonder which you will have a go at? I think I'll have a go with spaghetti and marshmallow modelling!

We hope you have a lovely week. The forecast isn't quite so good for this week so maybe it's a chance to play some board games in your free time. If you haven't got many why not invent your own? You can create a board and instructions or maybe your own set of Top Trumps cards.

Week beginning 20.4.20

We hope you've all had a good weekend and are ready to enjoy a week of sun (so the forecast says!) We've loved hearing how some of you are getting on with the tasks we're setting and seeing examples of the fabulous work you are producing. 

It's Mr. Gamage in the maths corner to kick off the week Monday to Wednesday then over to Mrs. Leverton on Thursday and Friday. On the literacy page you will find a SPaG activity to have a go at and during the week we will also post a new writing task and some guided reading. On the 'other curriculum areas' page there is another science based activity along with a post from Mrs Goff which I think you will enjoy reading!

Keep getting your daily exercise as well - fresh air (if you are able to leave your home) and exercise is really important for both your physical and mental health. I wonder what Golden Citizen behaviour you will show this week? 

Welcome back!

We hope you have had a nice Easter break - I know it's been very different to normal but hopefully you've made the most of some family time. I wonder if anyone has learned any new skills or spent time working on improving talents they already have? Mr. Gamage has been busy baking some very tasty looking hot cross buns - take a look at the 'other curriculum areas' page to see a video of how they are made and the recipe is there too if you fancy having a go at making some. I've been busy gardening and developing my cheerleading skills with my daughters following Amy Burton's videos. I don't think I'm as flexible as I need to be though! Miss Solinger has been painting with her children - a sign of a good paint session is as much paint on the children as the paper which was definitely evident in the photos I saw! Miss Edge has been making some amazing pom poms with children in school and Mrs Goff has been developing her art skills using Pete McKee's videos. Please share with us what you've been up to.

In the maths corner this week will be Miss. Solinger setting you daily activities looking at fractions. I have placed some guided reading work for you to have a go at on the literacy page and a science activity on the 'other curriculum areas' page. 

Hope you are all keeping well and haven't eaten too many Easter Eggs!

Team Year 5

Farewell...for a bit!

Friday 27th March marks the start of our Easter Holidays and, while things are definitely different at the moment and one day seems to run in to another, we will still be recognising the school holidays by a slower pace of work. This means the daily maths lessons with cease for now. However, we have tried to add lots of activities and links in the 'other curriculum areas' section of things to keep you entertained over the next couple of weeks. See how many you can try. I've loved seeing some of your work coming in today - please keep emailing it in and we will share it on the blog - it really put a smile on my face! Please remember how proud of you we all are, I know you will continue to be the stars we know you can be for your adults at home. I wonder what Golden Citizen behaviour you've been showing?

Take care and keep in touch.

Mrs Goff, Mrs Leverton and Miss Solinger

TTRS Rock Slam Challenge

Mr Gamage has challenged the entire Year 5 community to a Rock Slam on TTRS - children and adults...

Log on and see if you can beat his score!

If you're unsure of your user name or password, please ask your adult to contact school on the 'enquiries' email address and we'll get the information to you.

Good luck!